SOS Football Camp | SOS Junior Showcase
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SOS Junior Showcase

About the Junior Showcase

This info is for current Senior-to-be football athletes.  If you are not currently a Junior, this letter will inform you of what to expect in the Spring of your Junior year of high school.


This past season we had over 3000 athletes playing football in Indiana.  .006 % of senior athletes received football aid at a Division 1AA level or higher, this means 99.993% of the senior athletes playing football in the state of Indiana did not receive football aid or received aid at a DII school or smaller.  Receiving athletic aid (free money) to help with college is very competitive and very difficult to achieve.  The biggest advantage you can give yourself is to be seen by the college coaches during the evaluation period when the college coaches can come in and watch you do drills in person.


The S.O.S. Junior Showcase is designed to bring multiple college coaches and schools to you instead of you traveling all summer to be seen by one school at a time.  Our goal is to save you both time and money.  The Junior Showcase is not a combine.  There is no testing of any kind. The Showcase will show the college coaches our athletes performing football drills with emphasis in 1 on 1 competition, which allows our campers to best showcase their skills to the college coaches.


S.O.S. has set aside Sunday May 21st as the day in which all of the top current Junior’s will be together at one site.  Last year we had over 300 Junior’s at our Showcase.  All players and parents walked away from this exciting day pleased to be seen by college coaches from 46 schools representing 9 states.  I hope you will mark May 21st on your calendar and attend this year’s S.O.S. Junior Showcase.



Sunday May 21st, 2017


2:00 – 3:30 P.M. EST


3:30 – 4:00 P.M. EST


4:00-5:00 P.M. EST

Westfield High School